Friday, January 28, 2011

Five :) :) lol _ lol

When I woke up I was in a good mood. I felt a peice of parchment under my head and looked at it... It said something like this.

Dear Mindona,    
I have a bit of a surprise for you little missy. Want to hear it? You may not.
I'll tell you any way because I love bad news! I took something very valuable.
And made it evil. A valuable friend maybe. You will have to figure who or what.
You know me from the past. In fact you haven't seen me in a while though.
I am the one who killed your fostor parents. Yes, the Fregwart.
The reason is because I want your power. You may already know that.
I have been following you ever since you were eight years old.
I finally made contact with you when you were nine.
Now, you are probably freaked that I figured out where you were.
But I will not attack you quite yet I advise.
The thing or person I have turned evil will recruit members.
Members for my army. And when I attack you will have to fight your friends.
Very dramtic I know. But I like a bit of drama sometimes.
And yet, After all those years. I do not know your real parents.
If you have so much power, more power then a Nevada.
Then how much power do your actual parents have?
Thats the question. I advise you though, to never speak of this note.
Or show it to anybody. Understand? If you do something horrible will happen!
We will hurt your little friend, Revun. Yes, you got him into this mess!
So becareful with what you do. Becareful with what you become.
And don't come after me, let me come after you.

    Your enemy,
            The Fregwart

What a horrible thing to wake up to! I feel so awful! I feel like I am gonna throw up because of this. I moaned. " Whats wrong Mindona? " Asked Deseray.
"I don't think I feel so good...."
"Oh? I'll tell the camp director that you will be absent today then for you."
"Thanks Deseray your a good friend."
"Eh, Its nothing." She said, blushing her cheeks off.
I laid back down. The thing that worried me was a couple of lines.
 I took something and made it evil. A valuable friend maybe. Wasn't that a hint? My valuable friend is Revun. But maybe its Deseray or Gohanza. Maybe Linea or... No.... It can't be.... Adreannah! Maybe even a valuable friend I don't even know about! I started hitting my pillow. It was frustrating. Not knowing. I know I said that sometimes not knowing is a good thing.
But not in a situation like this.  Revun came running in my tent. "Mindona Mindona! The Fregwart was coming after me! It had your wand Mindona! Your wand! Did it try to make any contact with you!?!?!" Revun said running into my tent. "Uh..." I wanted to tell him, but I can't or else... "No, thats very unusual, eh?" I said.
"Well... Yeah it is..." He said sitting on my bed.
"Wait... Have you made up your mind or what!?"
"Yeah, I've made up my mind."
"So? Do you or not?"
"I do wanna be your friend Mindona, its just hard now. You don't understand. I have different friends and they make fun of me for hanging around with girls.
I do not know why though."
"Because they are freaks."
"Hahaha thats very funny Mindona."
"Hahaha your funny to Revun." I said trying to kick him off the bed.
"Hey, why not stop? Its Saturday, how about we go for a nice morning walk?"
"Sure!" I said. "Just get out of the tent so I can get dressed" I said finally kicking him off the bed. "Okays" He said leaving the tent.
I chosed a black tank top and white capris. I found my favorite black flip-flops and brushed my hair into a pony tail.
I walked outside and there was Revun. He signaled to follow him onto a path in the forest. I started walking in there.
I still didn't feel very good so I was clutching my stomach. Something was telling me not to listen to Revun because of the note I got.
I ignored that feeling and ducked into the forest. I grinned I always liked the forest. I had no idea why though.
" Mindona.... Can I ask you something about Deseray?"
"Well... Didn't you have a fight on the first day of school?"
"Yeah we did, she thought it was amazing that I beat her so she allowed me into her group."
"Whats the groups name?"
"DD... Stands for DareDevils"
"Oh... Can I join?"
"She said only vampires aloud."
"Your not a full vampire."
"I guess that just didn't count, huh?"
"Yeah I guess so..."
"I think your thinking about something else but avoiding saying it out loud."
"I am Mindona.... I just don't wanna talk about it...."
"Well, you asked me to come out here for a walk so you might as well talk about it."
"Eh, your right I guess..."
"Heres the thing... Adreannah is acting very weird today. You didn't know she was here huh?"
"No I didn't. I was busy with the DD. And how weird?"
"Well, her eyes are red and every time she laughs it sounds evil... And... And she is hanging out with a group of other kids with red eyes and a unnatural laugh...."
"Yeah I saw that group the other day watching you though..."
"Yeah, I did too. But their victim seemed to be Adreannah and well.... Nera seemed to be talking to her yesterday..."
"Who's Nera?"
"She is a girl in that unnatural group that has black hair and sorta looks like Paige from our old school..."
"Ah.... I am guessing that she wasn't even talking about the group to Adreannah then..."
"She wasn't.... Lets just say I sorta heard their conversation and it was about you and some boy named Gohanza."
"Gohanza is a friend of mine..."
"They were saying that Gohanza is gonna try to hurt you... With your own power...."
"How in the world can he do that?"
"They said the reason why he doesn't let anyone in his tent or has a tent make because he is making something to suck your power out."
I gasped. He was a valuable friend of mine I don't want to lose! I lost him!
"I have a idea" I said turning around to face Revun.
"I am his friend and I bet if I can talk him into it I can get into his tent. Then I can tell you what was inside there and if there is anything unusual."
"Good idea Mindona, lets walk back to see if you can talk him into it!"
We jogged back and broke up. I ran and waved at Revun. I looked around. Gohanza was walking the track so I jogged over to him.
"Hiya Gohanza!" I said as I started walking beside him. He gave a little jump.
"Uh... Hiya Mindona!” He said noticing who I was.
“So... I have been going around in peoples tents and was wondering if I could look in your tent?”
“No!” He said making me jump at the all of the sudden yell.
“Oh... Why such a big voice? I mean I was just asking. Not forcing.”
“No... Not that Mindona! Look!” He said pointing. I gasped. The Fregwart was attacking Revun... I didn’t even speak of the note!
“Revun!!!! NO!! RUN RUN RUN!!!!!” Me and Gohanza screamed as loud as we could and started pulling out our Swatza’s.
I ran like I never ran before. I was so worried. We just  became friends again and now he might disappear from my life. “No Mindona! Its a trap!!!!” Yelled Adreannah.
I ignored her and ran towards the Fregwart. I didn’t know what I was doing. I haven’t learn any spells yet... but then a spell came to me out of the bloom and I skidded to a halt right in front of the Fregwart and drobbed my Swatza. I didn’t know what to do, my movements I did I wasn’t controlling. I pointed my wrist with the weird curvey mark on it and
screamed with all my might;  “Hasellatia Contractis Matalic Copehindtha Finox Gashma Patata Levtalkamonitsatesapotied MINUITEA!” And something amazing happened. I knew I didn’t ruin him for good though. A bright red light came out of my wrist and started wrapping the Fregwart around till he was in a sheet of red, then he disapeared.
Everyone was staring at me in shock, daze, confusion, and amaze. Revun and Gohanzo both were amazed and shocked. Revun got over it quickly and came over to squeeze me to death. He hugs super tight. I grinned. The Fregwarts threat will happen later then I thought. My wrist burned but I ignored it. Abby and Abad came out of the gigiantic tent and looked at me in shock. I could tell this was the most coolest thing ever. And won’t be the last in awhile.
Revun was making it hard to breath so I had to push him off. And all of the sudden I was surround by people asking me questions and how I knew how to do that, and how I knew that spell.
Abby and Abad pulled me away and into the giant tent and I followed. It was back to its hallway and office like place.
“We are gonna ask you a couple of questions Mindona, I will ask you first, then Abby.” Said Abad
“First, how did you know that spell?”
“You mean Hasellatia Contractis Matalic Copehindtha Finox Gashma Patata Levtalkamonitsatesapotied MMinuitea?”
“Yes Mindona...”
“I never heard of it, I wasn’t really controlling myself at all. My body and voice somehow knew what to do...”
“Okay... Have you ever remembered seeing your parents when you were younger?”
“No I do not, I am guessing we gotta find out who they are and see how much power they have?”
“Yes we do Mindona, and one more question from me.... What happened when you first made contact with the Fregwart?”
“I was nine years old and me and my brother, Jack were arguing in my bedroom. I was getting furious with him and objectswere flying everywhere. A object hit the light bulb and we were sucked into darkness. I used to not care about the dark so I just started to lay down on my bed since Jack had no idea where I was. And something cold was on top of me. I started kicking it and it wouldn’t budge. I started screaming and kicking. And Jack found a candle and a light and lit the candle. He seen what was on top of me and ran out to get another light bulb. The thing was all black... With red glowing eyes..... It made me scream harder... and Jack came in with the light bulb and screwed it in and the thing dissapeared...” I answered. I started to get clamy shaking.
That memory just scares me so bad.... " Ah..." Abad said turning to Abby, "Your turn Abby."
Abby turned to me. "Mindona, what is that mark on your wrist?"
"I don't know, I don't even know what shape it is." I said, showing her my wrist. Abby gasped, "Its the shape of the ancient Mintalsa Simbasa. He always chooses a gifted Nevada every 300 centuries!" Abby exclaimed, shaking me. " This can mean great and horrible things! If you are able to beat the Fregwart and keep your powers you could live for 400 centuries!"
I stared. I'll have to go on without Revun if I live for 400 centuries. I wanted to give the Fregwart my powers right there, right then. Abby and Abad seemed to noticed my pain in what Abby had just said and let me leave without another word. I looked up, the sun was just begining to set. I sighed. The days always seem to go faster. I sorta don't feel like going to bed either.
I looked around. Over by the lake was Revun and Gohanza, getting a boat out. I walked over to them. I didn't want to talk but I answered them.
"Hey Mindona, wanna go on a boat ride with us?" Asked Revun.
"Sure..." I mumbled under my breath. They helped me into the boat and got in after me. Gohanza started up the boat.
"What did Abad and Abby want you for?" Asked Revun.
"They wanted to ask me some questions..."
"Like what?"
"Well.... Like how I knew what to do, and what the thing on my wrist is."
"What is it?"
"Its the shape of the ancient Mintalsa Simbasa."
Gohanza gasped, "You mean you were chosened?" He asked.
"Yeah, I guess you can say that, I don't feel so special though with how long I can live..."
"How long Mindona? How long?" Revun started chanting.
"For 400 centuries.... That means I am gonna have to make new friends every 10, 50 years or so. Because they are gonna die of old age anyway..."
"Oh... So, at least I'll know you for my whole life, right?"
"Maybe, I might give the Fregwart my powers now that I know that."
"What!?!? Do not under any circumstaces give the Fregwart your powers!" Piped up Gohanza.
"Why not?"
"Think about what would happen to this world! It would be in ruins if he got a hold of anybody's powers! If you give him your powers think about what we would be. Nothing! We would be dust! The world would come to a end! Just don't give him your powers and stick up to him! You did perfect earlier today! Casting that ancient spell!"
"That spell is ancient?"
"Yes, it hasn't been heard in 50 years. Only the directors and professors remember it! Your special Mindona! You have no idea how special you are!" Revun said.
I stared up at the now dotted sky. The stars are bright tonight. I felt pained. I never had to choose a decision this big before! I sighed.
I heard the bells ring to annouce dinner is ready. Gohanza turned the boat around and parked it at the dock. "I think I wanna sit by myself tonight." I mumbled as I got my food. I went to sit at a empty table that has spray paint all over this. I was trying to figure this out. If I am so special why isn't my life perfect? Why did I have fostor parents? Why do I have this Fregwart thing coming after me and my friend? When will I have to face the Fregwart? These are just a few of my questions, its like a puzzle in my life. When will the time come to fight the Fregwart?
Will I be put on a quest, or will it come to me? Like it said in the note, Don't come to me, I will come to you. Its my life, and my life is hard.
I didn't feel hungry again, this is the second day I haven't eaten lunch or dinner. I wonder if I am eating to much for lunch. Maybe I am just to nervous.
I always had a nervous stomach. And also, another question. Which friend will turn on me? Its the main question, it could be Revun, or Deseray. Most likely it would be Gohanza;
Its hard to know. I checked the clock on the wall. 8:30 PM. Why can't time go faster? It would look weird if I went to bed early. But I am not feeling good at all.
I got up and threw away the left overs ( That would be all the food I had ) and walked to the back of the giant tent.
I heard the office is back there from the other cudents. I made that up because I didn't know weather we were sudents or campers.
"Abad, Abby? Are you guys here?" I called through the office. I looked around, no sign of them. I sighed.
I looked around some more. I seen something glint in the corner of my eye. I turned towards it.
It was a golden peice of parchment. I know I shouldn't read others stuff but I couldn't help it. It said something like this....

Dear Abad and Abby,   
I have a update on the Fregwart, meet me around the southern river.
I believe that Mindona is not the only one who is a Nevada.
I believe Carlos is. If you look at his chin there is a shape of a cloud there.
Rumor is the Mindona did the Hasellatia spell today!
Tell her that I am very proud of her if its true!
Also I heard that her real look came out!
This will put her in more danger, but at least you can figure out who her parents are.
I have a feeling her parents are Ainn Grenside and Aotsmat Pattinose.
They are very good people and are both Nevada's.
They will meet with us at the southern river. Bring Mindona with you please!
                                                 Your bud,
                               Dalias Kluless

I heard the back door slam shut and I thrown that parchment down and ran somewhere about two feet away from it. I was acting like I had a confused face on.
" Ah.. Mindona, just who we were looking for! Can you come with us to the Southern River?" Asked Abby. I felt a shock of joy and guilt. All I could do was nod and smile.
I followed them through two miles of forest and we came to this weird floating object. It looked like a giant tea cup. There was a small door where you can squeeze into.
In the inside there was this lever that looks like it controls the thing. And there were lots of buttons and about six seats. I squeezed through the door and sat down.
Abby sat across from me. I noticed that there was any seat belts. Abad turned on the vehicle and two things that are like seat belts came out and buckled us in our seats.
I said like seat belts because they were snake skin! Ew, right?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter Four :P :P :P :P

I left that arena and looked around. I wanna practice magic and learn it. I seen a class that people use their so    It there. I sat down at a desk and brought out my Swatza.
The professor smiled at me. I noticed that the professer was Abby. " Hiya Abby. " I said grinning. She waved back. Other people walked in and sat down. When there was fifteen people she started class. " Good morning class! I will teach you a spell today!" She said. She pointed at me. " Will you please demonstrate it please? " I nodded. Grinning. She lifted up her Swatza behind my back, so I didn't know. And I heard her mutter " Powmagilaviosa Homuchower? " And I started to glow blue and purple. Sparkles were coming out at me. I felt like I was floating. I liked that feeling a lot. I heard Abby gasp " She is a Nevada! " I laughed. I do not know why. I just laughed. The glowing became even brighter and brighter " ABAD!!!! ABAD!!!!! " I heard Abby screeched. Revun heard her to, he ran in and gasped. Why was there so much commotion. So what if I am as nevada? It felt good being one. Abad ran in panting and gasped at the site of me. I looked down. Oh gosh! It wasn;t me! It was my soul that they were looking at! I looked at my body. I could see it glowing. Why did I leave my body? How? I felt pain now. Pain. The pain felt like it was killing me. I felt like I was going to faint. I sparkled even more. I started rising and spinning faster. I couldn' scream but then. All of the sudden I was on the ground again. I was in a body. I looked around. There was a my old body. Right in front of me. I looked at the body of me I used to have. She looked like she was in bad shape.
I wonder how my new body looks like. I ran away. I looked around and found the girls bathroom and looked into the mirrior. I gasped.
I looked... Well.... Different! I felt like, I was beautiful! I had curly reddish brown hair. I had olive skin. I had thin eyebrows.  And I still had my freckles. I had dark red lips. And hazel blue eyes.
I never felt so pretty before. I smiled, I never had this pretty teeth. My old ones were crooked, not these, they are straight. I looked down.
My body was different too. It looked more like an athletes body instead. I noticed something else. My clothes changed. They were now a light blue tank top and a little jacket over it. And for my bottoms I was wearing jeans with a few actual golden stars. I couldn't help laughing at this. I never felt this beautiful! I walked outside with a giant grin on my face. I could see Revun still looking dazed. I felt wonderful. I looked around. Everybody was staring at me. I laughed just a little when I seen somebody drive a lawn mower into a tent.
I grabbed my things I left in a classroom and jogged down to the Mess Hall. I could somehow tell what time it was. I was just so happy!
I could hear somebody following me. I looked back. I seen Revun, I waved him over to a bench because it wasn't exactly time for lunch.
" Hi.... Mindona..." Said Revun in a dazed voice.
" Haha Hi! "
" What just happened?"
" To tell the truth, I don't know."
" How did it happen?"
" The teacher muttered some words behind me and then poof it happened"
"Are you glad it happened, Mindona?"
" A little bit, I feel loads prettier and feel much happier now."
"You know it won't stay."
"Yeah, but I should be happy with it while I can"
"True, I over heard someting Abby and Abad were saying when you ran out of the classroom.
"What did you hear?"
"I heard them saying something about the Fregwart..."
"The Fregwart is going after you because your a Nevada"
"I do not know what a Nevada is."
" A Nevada is a person that has the power ability that regular people do not have, there is also a name that they call boys if they are like  a Nevada"
"So... If I am a Nevada that means the Fregwart is searching for my power, right?"
"Yeah, it does. I think I got into this with you because so much of your scent of power spreaded on me."
"Oh... I knew I felt guilty for something! I felt guilty for the deaths of our parents. I felt guilty for the Fregwart attacking you. I felt bad for dragging you into this mess!"
"It ain't your fault Mindona!"
"Yes it is. I am all guilty. My scent, my power, even my face! My power may have disguised me, but it didn't disguise my scent!"
"Mindona, everybody can smell your scent, and your right. The disguise didn't cover the scent but its not your fault!"
"Then who's fault is it?"
"Its your parents fault."
"For adopting you."
"I just knew I was adopted!"
"Yah, your disguise, well, is your actual look..."
"Oh? So this ain't my disguise its my real self!"
"Yeah, I don't think I like the real you though."
"Why not?"
"Because.. Well.... Your scent is to strong now....And other reasons..."
"Like what other reasons?"
"Like, I am not used to your voice.... Its sounds like a girly girls voice now...."
"And, I got so used to your old look that I don't think I can recongize you..."
"Are you trying to say you don't wanna be my friend anymore?"
"No...Yeah....No... Yeah.... I can't decide okay!"
"Well..." I said standing up, " Tell me when you find out..." I started walking away to the Mess Hall. That seriously hurt my feelings. Some stuff is better unkown.
I went in and sat down next to Deseray. I did not feel hungry at all today. "Uh... Who are you?" Asked Deseray. 
"Oh..." I completly forgot about the change. " Its me, Mindona. I forgot to mention that I sorta... That I am a Nevada. And my look sorta.... Changed...."
That got everbody's attention at the table. I grinned. Acting cool is the best thing you can do. Well, I heard anyway.
"Are you still in the DD?" Asked Gohanza.
"Of course."
"Thats good! Classes are over and its time for the DD meeting!"
"Oh? I said following everyone outside. I did not know where they where heading towards, but I still followed.
After a couple of minutes we go to a cliff. There wasn't many trees here. I started smelling salt water. Ha! There is a ocean out here!
I joined the group of DD to the edge of the cliff. "Cliff Hanging. You gotta cliff hang for as long as you can. If you can beat one minute and twenty seconds, your in the DD."
Said Gohanza. I nodded. Sounded easy enough. I reached down and somehow managed to hang myself on the cliff. After about thirty seconds the waves started to get big on me. Is anyone controlling the waves or was it on accident. A wave hit me and I gasp. Its freezing cold! About twenty seconds after that  My arms started to get tired. I only need to stay here for thirty more second then I am done, I told myself. About twenty seconds later I was closing my eyes. Then before I knew it, I was wide awake and it seemed so easy to me. I was surprised, is that another one of my unknown powers? That would be amazing. All of the sudden I felt like I could do anything I could or wanted to. Ten seconds later I wasn't tired. Fifty seconds later I was getting tired though and pulled myself up.  " Wow! One minute and forty seconds! You've joined the DareDevils!" Said a girl on the right side of the crowd.
I grinned. Its not everyday when you get to join something like this. " I am beat, I am gonna go back to the tent and take a nap." I said walking away. It took away to get back so I was thinking about family. I remembered my Mom, or my foster Mom. Used to sing me lullabies. How'd it go again? The Stars Are Out Watching You.... Yeah some way like that I entered the camp grounds noticed that the stars were out. That sorta surprised me. Well, time does go faster in magical places eh? I went towards my tent and put on a nightt gown and got into bed.
I was relaxed though. Something was pulling at the end of my mind. I wanted to ignore it so I started singing my Moms lullaby. " The Stars Are Out Watching You.... Making Sure That You Don't Go Blue..... Wishing Good Night Fantasy... Hoping For You To One Day To Be Free.... Everyone Has Their Own Story..... Everyone's Unique.... You Have A Big Life A Head Of Ya.... Under That Small Body.... " I mumbled under my breath... I finally got to dozing off and fell asleep

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chapter Three!!!

After we collected all our school supplies Dalias took us to this place called Fresita's Hotel, and got us a room. Then about two days later came to pick us up around 7:00 AM. He brought something that looked like a vehicle, but not exactly right. It had nineteen wheels on each side, and had 20 antennae, and was this color beetween hot pink and peach. I stared in amazment, outta the things we have seen this week, this is one of the craziest. I hopped in the car after Revun and we were on our way.  I stared out of the window. I found it funny that the windows changed color. I had fun. When the ride came to an end I was anxious and nervous. Going somewhere fulled of new people is creepy. I shuddered at the thought of it.
I looked around at my surroundings. There was a couple of tents, some were like regular tents, some changed color. Why are there tents? Where's the big building that we call school?
This is weird. "Welcome to camp Defense for Wizards and Vampires! " Said Dalias. I was confused at first, but then I noticed it was a camp, and right in the center was a fountain of.... Neptune? Wow, I wonder what culture that God is in, I'll have to look it up. I looked around a bit more. There was a tent about the size of a football field at the far end of the camp.
Thats where Dalias is taking us. I just know it. I think this place will be fun, with the Neptune Fountain and all. We walked into the giant tent and we enter through a hallway. I looked around.
There were statues. Statues of the Roman, I figured out, gods. Let me name some of them, or all. There is Apollo, Bacchus, Bellona, Ceres, Cupid, Diana. And Faunus, Flora, Janus, and Juno. I will not name the rest because there's to many. We walked through the hallway, and I seen some other interesting artifacts and structures, there's one that looks like a real video of the Roman's! I thought this was amazing even though I was raised to believe in God and only God. We entered a office room and I seen a Abassy. An Abassy is a demon with teeth of iron. I almost screamed when I seen it. Its scarier then you think. And the Abassy was talking to a Äbädä. A forest spirit. I was a bit freaked. All of the roman myths are real?
" Hello, Abad and Abby." Said Dalias. I was scared to see the Abassy and the Abada both look our way at the same time. I was so scared and ran to stand behind  Revun.
" Ah... Hello Dalias... You brought us Breakfast? Ah how nice..." Said, the Abassy, Abby I believe. " Ah.... Now Abby, you know better then to eat the children that come to this camp!" Said, I think Abad. Abby came over to me and started picking at my hair, as if looking for something. " Oh please this one? She has so much power within her!" Screeched Abby. Power?
I have much power within me ? That's surprising, I decided to talk up, show I wasn't afraid. " I.... I do have lots of power, I have both a Swatza and a Wand. " I said towards nobody.
Abad dropped the pen that was in his hand and said something weird, it sounded like " Nevada! " Really quick.  Then I think Abby said something like " Nu Nu Nu! A Leviosia! ". I had no idea what they were talking about! " Why don't Revun and Mindona go out in the crowd with the other kids while we discuss this?" Said Dalias, pushing me and Revun out of the door.
I was actually starting to like Abby and Abad. To bad I can't stay and chat, maybe another time. I was the first outside and pointed out a big group of kids by the stage, and other kids kept joining them. I just went that way because it was a crowd. I was half way there when a girl, about 5.9, green hair, and a big wart on her face stopped me.
" Hey new girl, when you enter, you have to see if your as tough as me!" Said the girl.
"Why do I have to do that eh? You just try to act big and tough!" I said straight back as other kids crowded around.
"I wouldn't act so tough if I were you shrimp!"
" I ain't acting tough gall."
" Wanna bet!?!?" She said running towards me with her fist in the air. For some reason everything just slowed down.
I could see the fist coming in slowly towards my face. I knew what to do. I reach my hand out and grabbed her's. The slowness stopped and everyone gasped.
The girl had a set of confusion on her face. And she tried to punch me but I just did a back-flip. I did a kick flip right back at her but somehow she was able to jump over me and I missed.
She got out her Swatza and yelled " Melezakalenatishakalinmakasata!!!!!" And a fast blue flash zoomed out at me and hit me, I jumped but nothing happen.
"What was that?" I asked, she turned a slight shake of pale and took her wand and yelled " Thislivatimalordes! " And it went straight around me and hit a tent.
I grinned, I could use the spells she used on me to use on her, but more powerful. I took out my Swatza and she turned whiter. " Thislivatimalordes! " And it hit her and she started to go to the ground in pain. Everyone was cheering, like saying " Go Mindona go!" Or " New girl you rock the house! ".
I did not like it. Not at all. I stared in horror, I wish I knew how to reverse it! I heard that if you say the spell backwards it will reverse. Lets try.
I raised my Swatza and muttered " Sedrolamitavilsiht! " And she stopped rolling on the ground in pain and took deep breaths. "I.... I am sorry" I said. And started walking away.
" Wait new girl!" I heard the girl scream and run up to me. I stopped walking.
"Yes?" I said nervously.
"I am Deseray, you?"
"I am Mindona."
"You seem like a cool chick Mindona, how will you feel joining me and the daredevils?"
" The daredevils is a club I started, for strong vampires only, you seem like a vampire."
" Actually I am half vampire and half wizard"
"Oh? Then you must be very strong"
"I guess I am, can my friend, Revun join? He is a wizard but he is my friend."
"No, as I said, its only for strong vampires, and wanna be tent-mates?"
"Okay, and sure, we can be tent-mates!" I said.
"Okay! Follow me to our tent!"
I followed her, happy to have a friend. She brought me to our tent and it was a changing color one!
Inside were weapons and clothes and keys and food, also there was armor. I started worrying then at the look of the site of that.
What if she tries to kill me in my sleep? Well, lets worry about that later. We need to get back out to the crowd.
We jogged back to the house, with her telling me about the Daredevils and who all is in it. Once we got there, we heard the rumbling voice of Abad.
" Welcome, Vampires and Wizards! We may have a new Nevada or Leviosia here this year! Please choose your tent-mates and get your luggage! Please make yourself at home!" Abad rumbled in his deep voice. Dalias handed me and Revun our luggage and drove away, I told Revun that we will not be tent-mates. He gave me a sad look that said, ' But I have no friends here! " and walked away. I entered my tent and looked through my luggage. I have some clothes, some knifes and swords.... Wait... Swords? Why would I need swords? I looked through the suitcase some more and found a picture of my family. Family.... I missed my family, even though its only been twenty-five days . I think, I heard underground times goes faster. I started crying again. Thinking about family, my parents, my uncleDrake. Just makes me said. Deseray noticed and came over to see what I was looking at.
" Miss your parents already?"
"Wouldn't you if your parents were killed by this.... this Fregwart that was after you?"
"Oh my gosh! The evil Fregwart is after you!?!?"
"Yeah... It really stinks."
" But then you must be somebody special after all! You must be somebody that will be one of the strongest wizard and vampire ever!"
"I would like that, if the... The Fregwart wasn't going after me..." I said as Deseray walked away. I hunged the picture up.
Good memories are always special ones. I put on my sleeping gown and got to bed. Me and Deseray talked about how the year would be and how fun it will be. Then we dozed off.
I woke up to the nice noise of birds singing and the wind rustling. And the smell of fresh eggs and bacon. I looked over hoping to see Revun, but I saw Deseray. She was reading. I got up and started looking for some clothes to wear. I picked this black silk shirt. I don't know, I felt weird today, and chosed some white shorts.
I looked around Deseray was just choosing clothes, I had them on. Am I seeing things in slow motion or what?
Maybe when some people wake up they are slow, I don't know.
I opened the tent and walked out. I loved the fresh air smell, it reminded me of home.
I did not cry this time. I think I got stronger with controlling my emotion over night, and I was glad. I looked around. I seen Revun, he looked like he's been crying.
I jogged over to him. " Whats the matter? " I asked.
"Nothing! Go away!"
"Well, It don't sound like nothing."
" I just miss my parents okay!?!" Right then I felt so bad for him I gave him a hug for comfort, friends have to feel bad for others.
He pushed me off so I walked away toward where the rest off the kids were going. Towards the smell of food.
I entered the big tent, but it looked different. Instead of the long hallways there was a big room full of pancakes and waffles and eggs. And tables and tables full of tons of kids.
I went up to the counter. There was lots to choose from. From banana's to eggs. From Waffles to pancakes. I chosed an egg and hashbrowns.
I noticed there was some of the kids that watch the fight call me over to the table. Why are they so proud of me winning and Deseray not?
I'd find it humiliating if I were Deseray. I seen Deseray call me over to her table full of pale people. I guess I'd fit right in there I thought.
I walked over to the table and sat down. "Hello, you must be Mindona, the new member of the DareDevils." Said one of the kids there, I could swear he looked like Linea's big brother.
I grinned. I noticed something else you could call the DareDevils. DD. " I think for a short term name we should call DareDevils DD." I said. Everyone else grinned to.
" Step one, daring to speak up to us. Next one we'll do after class." Said the same kid, winking. I looked around and seen Revun. He was surrounded by boys. I think he was hooting over there.
I grinned knowing that he found some good friends. I've been worrying about him for awhile now. I seen him and the other boys start jumping up and down screaming " Woot woot Hoot hoot!" So crazy. I rolled my eyes at him and he seemed to noticed. He started jumping over to me. Here is my hulimation for the day! "Why don't you WOOT WOOT! With me Mindona? HOOT HOOT!" Revun asked. I just rolled my eyes while the others stared at him. " Why not Mindona? WOOT WOOT! It is fun. HOOT HOOT. Please for me??" I looked at the face he was getting and he started to stop jumping and hooting and wooting. " Because I got my own group of friends." I said as if it was that simple. He gave me the puppy face. " Pleaseeeeee" I laughed. When ever he did the puppy face I couldn't help laughing. He just looked so weird! I shook my head though, " Sorry Revun, but I wanna hang out with my friends." I said giving him a hug before he left.
The others just stared at me. " What? " I asked.
" You just let a friend go, you completed step two. "
"Haha on accident?"
" Yeah, wow you must be born a DD."
" Hahaha, people have been acting weird around me like Revun." I said rolling my eyes his way.
They all laughed, I started laugh too. It feels good to fit into a crowd. Even if you just met them. I looked around. Shouldn't there be something to tell you your class shedcule?
" How do we know which classes to go to?" I asked. " Oh, you get to choose, here follow me. Wait, I don't think I introduced myself. I am Gohanza." Said the boy, Gohanza. I followed him.
Oh duh. There was a sign that said. CLASSES THIS WAY. GET YOUR WEAPONS AND MAGICAL ITEMS " Go to your tent and collect all your swords and magical items." Said Gohanza.
I ran as fast as I could and grabbed a bag and stuffed my swords and magical items in there. With one last look at the picture of my family I left the tent. I ran straight back to Gohanza.
" Okay now see that big sign? " He asked pointing to the sign, I nodded. " Go through there and there are more signs that tell us what the class is and about. We changed classes every thirty minutes or so." He said. I jogged down toward the sign and went to where the sign pointed. There were a lot of people here. Like alot! I seen Revun, walking into the sword play for boys and girls 11 and up. I decided to go there too. I really didn't want to but I felt bad for Revun. I enter the area where the class is held and there was 8 boys and 3 girls, including me.
Everyone was getting out a weapon of their choice from their bags. So I took out this golden sword. It was nice and long. I figured I'd go easy on me and don't go short.
" Choose a partner you would like to sword play with! " Said the coach. I looked around Revun was trying to choose a partner. I waved my hand trying to get his attention. He jogged over to me " Sure you wanna be my partner? " He asked, I nodded. " Get into a sword fight position! " Said the coach. I stood in my best defense stance. With my sword sticking out. He blew the whistle to start practicing a and I went beserk. All of the sudden my body went numb and I could see everything in slow motion. From one attack to the other.
Revun tried to attack me in the ribs. I was able to stop the sword with my sword and attack him back. He started laughing at me and how good I was. He tried to get me in my stomach and I did a back flip. Wow. I did not know I was this good at reflexes. The coach blew the whistle. " I am very pround of Mindona and Revun, they never got each other. Which means they will be practicing on fake Fregwarts next practice!" I grinned, I noticed it has been thirty minutes, so I grabbed my stuff. I went outside the arena and looked around, I seen a gymnastics area. I wanna go there this time. I jogged into the arena. Nobody else was there but me and the coach. I was still grinning when I walked in because this course looked hard but I wanna try it.
" Do the course! " Screeched the coach. I put my bags down and went to the begining of the course. Lets see. There was a move wrecking ball and some lava we have to dodge. There was also piles of leaches to jump flip over. I started running, then I jumped on to the wrecking ball. I wasn't even holding on. I wasn't falling. I liked the feeling of the wind on the wrecking ball. I jumped off right in front of lava and fliped over it. I did a couple more flips over the leaches and more lava and landed on a perfect head stand. Grinning I collected my stuff. The coach stared at me in shock. For some reason I knew what she was thinking. Nevada.

Just wanna say.....

Revun is pronounced as Ray-fUN!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Chapter in my Book!!

After two days of mourning around we woke up with a parchment under our heads. I looked over and Revun was still asleep. I stood up, and walked over to Revun's bed.
When I was fixing to bend over and shake him " BWUAHHHHAAA!!! " He screamed " AguahhhhH!" I screamed back, then we both laughed.
Its been awhile since we laughed. I was glad we did though, get all the sadness out. I grabbed my parchment and opened it up. It said something like this....

Dear Mindona,
I hope I did not wake you
when I gave you this parchment.
Can you come meet me in the same place
as soon as you get this parchment?
            Your friend,
Dalias Kluless

I got up and looked under my bed and chosed a soft purple tank top and some purple jeans. I looked at Revun and he winked, then we raced down stairs.
I got there first, then we walked to the cafeteria and there was Dalias Kluless. He stood up and walked to us. " Hello children, eat first then we shall be on our way... " Dalias Said, pointing to some food on the table. Me and Revun sat down. I was so excited to get out of this boring place that I ate fast, so did Revun. When we finished Revun only had his drink left so he was aloud to bring it. We walked through the bright hallways of the place we were at till we go to a door. Dalias pointed his index fingure at the door and muttered " Sesame Openy " I almost laughed because it sounded so original for a four year old to say that but an old man? Seriously? But I stopped trying not to laugh when the door made this weird clicking noise and opened up. I just walked through after Dalias, and Revun followed, then me and Revun followed behind Dalias. I felt like a little of a joke so I pointed my index fingur at a door and said in a harsh whisper " Sesame Openy " And seriously, ALL the doors on the street opened wide open! I continued like nothing happened but Revun just stared at me in shock, I couldn't help it, I chuckled. It was just so much fun...
I had a weird sensation when it happened too! I loved it! Dalias stopped and Revun ran into him which made me run into him. I stumbled and just about fell but Revun caught me just in time.
He pointed his middle and pinky fingure at a bucket on the ground and was about the mutter something but he stopped. And turned to me, " Why not point
your middle and pinky fingure at the bucket and mutter Linaquse Dimause?" He asked me. I turned towards the bucket and regretted I ever tried the other think... I pointed my middle and index fingure at the bucket and muttered " Linaquse Dimause " In a harsh whisper. And I heard a couple of clicks, then some snaps, and the bucket lifted up and then the ground started to get a big whole to a elder and fit in, even kids my age. " Ladies first..." Dalias said.... I looked down the hole, I figured I'd jump in, so I did and I landed on a cobbled ground and there was a lot of people there and they acted like they didn't even noticed, but before I knew it, Revun was on top of me. I pushed him off and moved away before Dalias could land on the both of us. Revun followed me and hid behind me... But has soon as Dalias came down he grabbed me on the waist and thrown me up and caught me, I was didn't scream at all through, I guess my scream is out now...
He put me back on the ground a bit disappointed because of no scream and we followed Dalias again. He opened a door and walked in.. " Hello Mr. Frintzlots, we got two new children to buy a wand or a Swatza..." Dalias said when he entered. The man we seen was a young man, in his twenties I suppose. On my opinion he was cute... " Hello children and what are your names and age?" The man, Mr. Frintzlots, said. " I am Mindona, and this is Revun. We are both eleven years old and we are here because we need supplies for Defense for Wizards and Vampires school." I said calmly. He smiled at me and Revun " Mindona, I will get you a wand or a Swatza." I was wondering what that was but, as I do with everything, I got curious. He signaled for me to stand on this weird looking thing. It had two knobs with antennae, and the machine had a little door for somebody to step in. I did not wanna go in that machine, but I did anyway. I heard Mr. Frintzlots push some buttons and twisted some knobs. Then all of a sudden I got pushed down and the machine was doing something, scanning me I believe. I had to shut my eyes that the light was to bright., but after a few more minutes it all stopped and I was able to sit up again. Mr. Frintzlots open the door and helped me out. He got some photo's out of this pocket in the machine and went in a dark room to study the photo's. When he came out of the dark room he had a sheet with him. He handed the sheet to Dalias, and came over to me. " Mindona, your results are read with much difficultly and I am much surprised that your the first to be half vampire and half wizard!" He exclaimed. I was surprised. I did not think that could happen. Why can't I be the normal one? Or is that to much to ask? Revun went next but I wasn't paying much attention to him. Thinking about being normal reminded me of my family.
Are they still out there somewhere? Or did the Fregwart actually get them? Did they get my whole family? Or just my parents?
Thinking about my parents was the last straw, I started crying. Suck it up Mindona, you aren't a baby. Calm down. I can cry in bed, calm down Mindona.
I said, trying to calm myself down. Its so embaressing when you cry in public, everyone crowds around you and wants to know whats the matter. Thats why I am trying to stop. For incase that happens. I know it means people feel bad for you but still, its embaressing.
I looked out the window. I can see somebody that looks familer, isn't that the bronze hair of my.... Oh my God! My sister! She is alive! "Adreannah!!" I screamed of happiness and ran right outside and hugged her. " Oh my.... Hi Mindona!" She said once she figured out it was me. I started crying with tears of happiness. Soon the rest of my siblings came over and we had a bit of
a group hug. I was so happy! I am glad I got reunited with my siblings. I am really glad I got reunited with Adreannah, she is the best of the rest of my siblings. Revun came over and gave me a hug too, might as well invite him into the family right? " Mindona..." Revun said " I am a wizard! I am excited! I get a wand! They are trying to figure out what you get!" Revun sounded so full of happiness. I was happy for him so I gave him a great big hug. You know, the way family hugs to congradulate other family.  Dalias waved me into the door, all of the sudden I entered a quiet room. " Mindona, we have decided to give you both a wand and a Swatza. " Dalias said, handing me a thing that looked like a stick, must be the wand. And something that was silver, it looked like a pretzel, I could feel power in it though. It wished to be used as soon as it can. But something told me not to use it now.
I seen Revun using his new wand, it had blue sparkles. I waved my wand around a couple of times. The sparkles were purple.
Great! My favorite color! I started waving the Lightfrintz around. Blue and  purple sparkles! I am gonna like these weird objects.
I stared at my family. They all had wands. I had a wand a lightfrintz. I didn't care though! This will be so much fun!
I started to run back to my family and my friends. But I ran into somebody. The ' somebody ' fell on top of me.
" I am so sorry! " I heard a girl say in a sing song voice. She got off of me and helped me up. " I am Linea, you?" The girl, Linea, asked
"I am Mindona." I said walking away. I did not want to talk to a girl with a sing song voice. Sing song voices give me terrible head aches.
As I walked away the girl slumped down and walked away very slowly, I started to feel bad for her so I walked back.
" Sorry about that, I was just not paying attention to what I was doing." I said shyly.
"Oh? So you will talk to me?
I closed my eyes slightly then opened them back up, " Yes I will talk to you Linea."
" Great! So, are you going to Defense for Wizards and Vampires?"
"Yeah, I am. I am a half-blood, a wizard and vampire." I said blushing.
" Sweet! I am a vampire! I wanna grow up and be a vampiress!"
Revun started calling me " Gotta go! " I said and ran away to Revun. Revun signaled to follow Dalias again, so I did. We walked around for awhile, till we came to another shop and Dalias entered.
I entered and got filled up with the rich smell of strawberries and chocolate. I took a deep breath. I love this place. It just smelled so good and was full of books and big black bowls.
Wait. Big black bowls? Hmm. Wonder why. Do they eat children stew or something? Hahaha I crack myself up. I also noticed that there was a lot of noise. I wondered why. I looked around.
Aha! This is an animal, a potions, and a perfume store! The perfume and the potion might hurt the animals bad, so they may be in the other room. So thats why I can't see animals, but can hear them. Dalias went forward and spoked in a language that we do not know, it sounded itallian. But what do I know? We walked through a room and all of the sudden I got hit.
Hit with the strong smell of animals. That might be the reason they are in the other room. Me and Revun had a bit of a coughing fit but we were able to control it.
"Choose an animal you like best children" Said Dalias. I went over to where some mice were. I always thought mice were adorable. These mice were either pitch black or snow white. If this were a magical place then why isn't there a purple mouse? I went over to the cats. Second best animal there is, eh? And I seen a purple and orange cat! I loved it at site, and it seemed to love me to! So I picked that one out and named him Klachier. The rest of the day was pretty boring, so I am not gonna tell you about that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Chapter in My book!

Hello, I am Mindona Elliot. I am age 10, and a 5th grader at Millsbird  Elementary School. I have fire red hair, the length is to my elbows. I am 4.9 in height, and I have paper pale skin.
I have red freckles on my face, and light blue colored eyes. I have three siblings, that look nothing like me, or each other.
I am third oldest, the oldest, age 17 is Jack, he has light brown hair, and brown eyes, very tanned skin, no freckles, and is in Franklelots College.
Then there is Adreannah, who is 12, Bronze hair, up to her shoulders, and a couple freckles, palish skin, and is a 7th grader at Litmath Juinior High.
Then me, next is Jesse, age 6, he has brown hair, blue eyes,  tan skin, and a 1st grader at Millsbird Elementary School.
As I said, we look nothing like each other. At least the others, look like UncleDrake and our parents. I swear, I am adopted.
I have this weird shape on my wrist, its hard to hide. And sometimes when I am mad things explode, or fly out at me, and I have these crazy nightmares too. That is some of the reasons I think I am an adopted child.
Okay I am gonna get on to where everything happened on my first day of school summer five.
"Mindona!Jesse! Adreannah! Get up and ready for school!"My Mom, Linda yelled up the stairs into mine, Jesse's and Adreannah's bedrooms.. I tossed in bed 'School already?' I thought. I got out of bed, and made my bed, I went to my closest, which is filled of the latest styles.... To my Mom.
I put on this shirt with a light pink and purple star on it, and some  short jeans. I went to my mirrior, and decided to put my hair in  braids. I went downstairs and sat at the table, like always, I am the first child there. My Mom gave me some waffles and I ate as fast as I could, to tell the truth, I think school is a bit fun sometimes. After I finished eating, and as soon as the others got there. I went to brush my teeth, I always had healthy teeth. I finished brushing my teeth, and checked my cellphone, no new messages. I went to get my book bag when all the lights in the house turned off, I went over to the light switch, seeing if I could turn it on. I have always been afraid of the dark since I was 9. The most scariest thing happened to me. I will tell you later.... The ground started to rumble and shake. We never have earth quakes in London! The house started to shake harder, I started screaming. I heard the others screaming to, and my Dad came down the stairs and picked me up. He went to sit in a doorway I noticed the others were too, Jesse with Mom and Adreannah with Uncle Drake. All the kids but me were screaming. I all the sudden stopped  screaming so I could think straight.
But the next thing I knew, the same shape, the same figure, came out of my favorite chair behind my Dad. The same figure, of the thing I seen when I was 9.... I stared at it.. I stared at it.... I started to lose my feeling. And my dad was yelling my name and shaking me... as everything came all blurry and in flashes. Then, I noticed the earthquake stopped and the lights turned on and the thing disappeared. After a few more shakes the feeling came back, but everyone was staring at me. Not what I was staring at.
I stood up and walked to the door and got my book bag and ran out the door. With my family still staring at me.
What had happened back there that made my family stare at me like that? I didn't do anything but lose my feeling of my body. What if my soul came out for a moment? What if that happens again? I started asking myself in thoughts. I noticed I was in class by then. And I was getting my supplies out of my bag. My best friend came over. "Hi.... Did you experience the horrible quake this morning Mindona?" Revun said, he is my best bud. I nodded yes. But then the lights turned off again and every girl but me screamed, even my teacher screamed. What good is screaming gonna do if it doesn' t hurt or scare anybody or anything thats trying to get you? I questioned myself in thought. The earth started to shake and rumble harder then ever and  I feel down to my knees, and started screaming. For two reasons, A. My mouth started to bleed and come out everywhere. B. The ground was shaking and rumbling so hard that I just to fall. I started to close my eyes but forcing them to stay open. The quake stopped, I stopped screaming but was trying hard to stay awake.... My teacher screamed at the site of me and sent     Revun to get the nurse. I was crying in pain and holding onto my jaw at the same time. Somehow I hit my head and my head started to get the warm feeling of blood. I screamed. I was in so much pain. I was begging myself to die. I started seeing white specks in my visions. "I... am dying..." I made out before I started shaking as hard as the earthquake "Keep fighting Mindona, we know you can..." My teacher said. It took me till then to notice the lights didn't turn on... I seen the figure. right in front of my face. I tried to release myself from its stare I screamed more then ever, and shooked. The teacher noticed the thing in front of me and screamed her lungs out. And she fainted. Everyone else was trying to get me away from the thing since I seemed to be its victim right now.
I sobbed harder when the nurse came in and started nursing the teacher first. I was in a much worst shape then her. The thing touched my head and pounded my face into the floor. The other kids screamed " GET AWAY FROM HER YOU MONSTER!!!!" Yelled Revun. I watched him jump right on the figure but at the same time I felt pain in my leg. The thing was cutting my leg! Then the lights came on. I was reliefed and I noticed my breathing was  coming in short fast gasps; the nurse noticed me in the middle of waking up the picture, and gasped and then when people starred at the part of me she was looking at they gasped. I noticed it was my wrist they were staring at. I could'nt look at the wrist unless if I wanted to smash my face again. I somehow was able to get into a position where I could reach my bookbag and grab my cellphone, I was still fighting the pain as hard as I could. I dialed only three numbers.... 911.... Who else should I call. I put the phone up to my ear. "Hello? Hello?" The nice lady at the answering machine said. I couldn't answer. I could speak. The only thing I could do, but barely, was breath.
Revun noticed I wasn't talking, so He grabbed the phone from me. "Hello, we need a police and a ambulance." Revun said.
The lady said something. "Millsbird Elementary School. Classroom five." Revun said in respond.
The lady said something then Revun hung up and stared at me into my eyes.
He look like he was about to cry at the look of me all bloody. I stared back, trying to show him there is nothing to worry about.
I noticed something then. I noticed something I never did within the 9 of my 10 years of life I have known him.
He had a shape on his chin, very hard to see, it was a shape of a cloud. I just have this feeling, that its gonna be awhile before everything is back to normal for him. Maybe forever.
He kepted on staring at me, and when the people came, he begged them to let him go. The people stared at him. And for the first time, I noticed he was hurt too. Not as bad as me.
But close enough. The people aloud it. Because he was crawling around like he couldn't use his feet. They raised me and him on a stretcher and we were off.
On the way to the hospital. Oh boy you do not wanna know! I'll tell you anyway for those action lover readers.
There was another earthquake! I have no idea how bad! All I know is that we got into a accident and I got knocked out!
But when I woke up I was in shock. In shock that I was alive. In shock about where I was.
I looked around the room. I seen a nurse. She had some kind of stick in her hand. And instead of paper, there were parchment.
And also, instead of pens, I noticed, there were ink and quills. Then I noticed Revun in the hospital bed next to me. He was just staring at the ceiling.
Murmuring to himself. "Hi....." I said in a harsh whisper. I was relieved that I could speak again. He gave a little jump.
"Your... Alive Mindona?" Revun asked.
"Yes I am, what? You believe you can talk to ghost now?"
"Hahaha Mindona, I was getting very worried about you..." He sounded desperate.
"Whats wrong with you? I know we almost got killed, but wheres the humor?"
"You don't get it Mindona."
"I don't get what? Revun tell me!" I said, getting desperate.
"When you knocked out, the thing came back."
"Yes yes?"
"And it said something, something scary."
"More detail please!"
Ignoring me he said " He said.... ' Both your lifes are about to change deeply into sorrow and pain! ' And then disappeared into the darkness."
I stared at him, I stared at him in shock. After awhile of my silence he turned his head to me.
I kept staring at him. He stared right back. There was something in his eyes.
Pain. Pain was in his eyes. He never wanted this life. Nor did I.
I looked over to the side table. My cellphone was there. Yay!
I picked it up and checked the messages. One new message.

From: Mom

Mindona are you alright?
I have been so worried about you sweetie!
Could you do me a favor and call me when you recieve this message?
They won't let me into the room you are in :(
I love you.

To: Mindona ;]

I held on to the phone and sent her a text. It was something like this.

From: Mindona ;]

Mom, I am fine.
I have no idea where I am.
Revun is acting weird too.
I am bored and tired.
Ask the docters if I could have my laptop please.
I didn't want to call because it hurts me to talk right now.
So I am just laying here.
This place is super weird though. It has parchment instead of paper and quills instead of pens.
And the caretakers carry around a stick!
These people are crazy.

To: Mom

I tried to sit up. But a nurse came in so I just laid back down. She looked at me and I noticed, for the first time that me nor Revun have any cuts or bruises.
The nurse was  carrying a stick around. I was trying not to be rude or anything so I just ignored it. "How long have I been out?" I asked her. She didn't answer. So I just guessed she couldn't talk... Or maybe hear. She handed me a peice of parchment with writing on it, then handed Revun the same thing. Then she some clothing at the end of our beds, then I noticed the date. It was past my and Revun's birthdays and it was September 15th! Gosh time goes super fast! I was asleep for twenty days! Wow! I noticed that Revun read his parchment then stood up and grabbed his clothing and went into the bathroom. I opened the parchment. And was amazed in what it said.

Dear Mindona,                   
You may not know me but as soon as you get this
parchment I would like if you came down to the
hospital cafeteria. Bring your friend Revun to
please. I believe you have been through terrible
things but if you can walk please come!

        Your friend,
      Dalias Kluess

Haha, his last name sounds like clueless! I crack myself up! I stood up and grabbed my clothes, since Revun is in the bathroom I just dressed myself right there.
After that me and Revun went down the stairs to a sign that said CAFETERIA Yes, in blue letters. As I said, this place was weird. When we entered there was this old man.
The man had a long grayish brown beard down to his knees and hair to his chin. His eyes were black and shiny.
And he was also carrying a stick around! Is carrying a stick in style now? He came up to us and shook our hands.
He looked at his as if we were one of the most unluckiest things he ever seen, and perhaps the most weak. Maybe even puny! I am not liking this man at all for some reason or another!
"Hello children, I am Dalias. I am here to bring you two somewhere." Said Dalias.
"Take us where? I would like to know where a man is taking us if we do not know him." Revun said darkly.
I shoved him in the ribs but he ignored the warning " To Gostaria. I little village with a lot of shops" Answer Dalias.
"Well I never heard of it sir! We aren't restarting our lifes in a weird village!"
"But... But it will end up saving your lifes! Do you wanna know what has been following you and almost killing you children?"
"I do wanna know and if this will save our lifes then I will come but with permission of my and Mindona's parents!"
The man looked at his feet then. He looked up into my eyes, then into Revun's. Then looked back at his feet.
"Whats wrong sir? Did anything happen to our parents?" I ask the man calmly
"Yes, something terrible. The Fregwart, the thing that has been following you, came after them knowing it would break your puny little hearts. You aren't gonna start a new life, children. We are just making it how it should have been before, you will go to a magical school where you will learn you powers and how to control them. The school is called
Defense For Wizards and Vampires." I stared in shock. I never thought I would hear such a thing. A magical school? I may believe in myths and all but still, a MAGICAL school?
Then before I could help it, I started crying. I couldn't help it. They were my parents, they raised me. They may have kept me away from my real life, but still they cared and loved me.
Revun came up to me and hugged me. I could tell he was crying too. It is very sad, that we no longer had parents. Dalias let us stand there and cry for awhile. "On the 17th, come back here again." Dalias said and then he disappeared into a cloud of dust. "I will.... Um find something to eat for us...." Revun muttered to me. I just stood there, crying. My parents, dead, I can't even imagine them like that for all my life. How could this happen? I feel like all the bad luck came out onto me and Revun. I just never thought my life would turn this way.
Be a big girl Mindona, big girls don't cry Mindona. I can almost hear my dad say. I wiped my tears off my face and sat down.
Enough of that crying. I feel to never cry again. Revun came over with two omlets and hashbrowns. He gave me a plate and sat down.
I didn't feel like eating. I felt like dying. Not only because of my parents, because I was close to and felt that if I had died my parents would still be alive right now and not dead.
I felt like it was all my fault. I felt like a horrible person and I should not be alive right now. I stood up and walked to the room and came from. It changed.
Instead of looking like a hospital room it looked like a bedroom. There were two beds, one with a blue pillow and blanket, the other with a purple pillow and blanket.
The floor had a little curvey design on it and the wall was half blue half purple. I sorta liked it. It was something new. And with both of my favorite colors. I went to sit on the purple bed. Yep this one is mine. I seen my cellphone and picked it up, no new messages.I looked under my bed to see if some clothes are under there, yep. And my laptop yay!
I can contact my friends on facebook again. It might not cheer me up but it would be nice to make sure and see if the rest of my friends and family are alright. Like UncleDrake.
I opened my laptop and got the internet up, typed in the address I wanted and entered. I had no new messages.
Where is everybody? Are we witnessing the end of the world?