Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Abad started driving the tea cup thing. We went upside down and we were spinning. How could Abad even drive this thing?
But before I knew it, we landed. I was so happy because I didn't think that I could even stand another second spinning around like that.
We stepped off. I was a bit dizzy so I had to grab a hold of something to balance me. I looked around. I could see nothing but darkness, so I just followed Abad and Abby.
We walked for a couple of minutes till we came to see three figures, I could only recongize one though. Dalias Kluess. The other two must be Ainn and Aotsmat.
They did look like me! I noticed I had Aotsmat's hair color and Ainn's eyes! And a lot of other things I got from them! I was trying hard to keep in a big wide smile, and grin.
"Hello, Abad, Abby, and darling Mindona..." I heard Dalias say. Somebody conjured up a fire so that we can see each other better. And gosh do I look like Ainn and Aotsmat!
I sat down one a log somebody brought. I looked across the fire. Everyone had their own log. I looked at Ainn. She had curly hair, I must have got that from her.
I also got my freckles from her. I can tell I got the athlete body from both of them.  Aotsmat and thin eye brows and olive skin. He had red hair.
Did I mention that Ainn has brown? So I got both of their hair colors. I just looked like I was busy with the fire though. I started thinking about trying to touch it while the others weren't looking.
I looked up. They were deep into a conversation about weather or not they were my parents. I took my hand an tried to touch the side of the fire. It moved left.
I grinned at the response I got. I tried to touch the left side of the fire. It moved right. I had the others attention after the second time.
I put both of my hands on both sides of the fire. One side went down and the other came up. I grinned. I seen Ainn and Aotsmat grin too.
I started wondering if they were my parents. And then the fire started floating off the ground. Not the way it would start a wild fire but actually floating.
It made three letters. Y E S. Was what it said. I grinned. Knowing that they were my parents made me feel much better.
I put one hand back and the other stayed where it was. Slowly I put my hand in the middle. My hand went straight through.
I felt nothing though. It was like this numb feeling I got. In respond to the numbness my other hand went straight on top of the other.
My hands started to tickle. I loved it. Knowing I can never burn is reassuring. Like what if the Fregwart tried to catch me on fire? At least I won't burn.
I might laugh to death though. I could not help it. I laughed out loud at that thought.
"What? Pickle milk is funny?" Asked Aotsmat. That made me laugh harder. "I am sorry stranger, but my idea made me laugh, then pickle milk? I am so sorry!"
I said trying to stifle laughs. He gave me a confused look. "What was your idea?" He asked.
"Oh, my idea was that if the Fregwart, threw fire at me. There is a big chance I'd laugh to death."
"That is a funny idea, lets see if thats true." Said Aotsmat, raising his hand and shooting fire out at me. The fire twisted around my body and I was laughing so hard. "Stop stranger! Stop oh please!" I yelled, laughing at the same time. He released me from the fire. I was still laughing a little bit but I stopped.
I grinned. That was really fun. I can tell he likes to find out things and try new things. I get the find out new things from him.
I haven't heard Ainn talk to me. I seen her hit Aotsmat when he was twisting me in fire.
"So, about 89% chance that I'd laugh to death?" I said to nobody.
"89%? I think you mean 100% Mindona!"  Said Aotsmat.
"How do you know my name?"
"I know your name because we heard so much about you! And...." Aotsmat started to say but Ainn elbowed him. Then looked at me.
"What he meant to say. Is that we know your name because word goes 'round that your a Nevada. And because we have met your parents." She said.
"I something to say. I accidently came in and read Dalias note, so I know you guys might be my parents." I said, sheeplishly.
"So, you wouldn't have mind that we read this?" Said Abad, bringing out a peice of parchment. The note from the Fregwart!
I gasped. Then I started crying. No wonder why the Fregwart attacked! Somebody put their arm around me and tried to comfort me.
"Whats so wrong about reading this? Its only from the....  Fregwart.... And the threat... Thats why the Fregwart attacked! Oh my gosh we are sorry Mindona!" Said Abby.
I kept crying. I should have known when the Fregwart attacked that somebody read it. I would have blamed it on Deseray of course, but still.
After I stopped crying I looked up and everyone else was deep into another conversation. I think this one was about weather I should live with my new parents or not.
I sighed and played with the fire some more. That cheered me up. Not just because of the tickling but because I had something to do.
I looked up at sky. The sun rising already and no sleep? I yawned. That got everyones attention. Sigh, why does everything have to be about me and my needs?
I seen Dalias conjure up a small tent and a sleeping bag. "We will be here for awhile, Mindona. Why not go to sleep now?" He said.
I entered the tent and curled up in my sleeping bad and fell asleep before you could say Nevada.

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