Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter Four :P :P :P :P

I left that arena and looked around. I wanna practice magic and learn it. I seen a class that people use their so    It there. I sat down at a desk and brought out my Swatza.
The professor smiled at me. I noticed that the professer was Abby. " Hiya Abby. " I said grinning. She waved back. Other people walked in and sat down. When there was fifteen people she started class. " Good morning class! I will teach you a spell today!" She said. She pointed at me. " Will you please demonstrate it please? " I nodded. Grinning. She lifted up her Swatza behind my back, so I didn't know. And I heard her mutter " Powmagilaviosa Homuchower? " And I started to glow blue and purple. Sparkles were coming out at me. I felt like I was floating. I liked that feeling a lot. I heard Abby gasp " She is a Nevada! " I laughed. I do not know why. I just laughed. The glowing became even brighter and brighter " ABAD!!!! ABAD!!!!! " I heard Abby screeched. Revun heard her to, he ran in and gasped. Why was there so much commotion. So what if I am as nevada? It felt good being one. Abad ran in panting and gasped at the site of me. I looked down. Oh gosh! It wasn;t me! It was my soul that they were looking at! I looked at my body. I could see it glowing. Why did I leave my body? How? I felt pain now. Pain. The pain felt like it was killing me. I felt like I was going to faint. I sparkled even more. I started rising and spinning faster. I couldn' scream but then. All of the sudden I was on the ground again. I was in a body. I looked around. There was a my old body. Right in front of me. I looked at the body of me I used to have. She looked like she was in bad shape.
I wonder how my new body looks like. I ran away. I looked around and found the girls bathroom and looked into the mirrior. I gasped.
I looked... Well.... Different! I felt like, I was beautiful! I had curly reddish brown hair. I had olive skin. I had thin eyebrows.  And I still had my freckles. I had dark red lips. And hazel blue eyes.
I never felt so pretty before. I smiled, I never had this pretty teeth. My old ones were crooked, not these, they are straight. I looked down.
My body was different too. It looked more like an athletes body instead. I noticed something else. My clothes changed. They were now a light blue tank top and a little jacket over it. And for my bottoms I was wearing jeans with a few actual golden stars. I couldn't help laughing at this. I never felt this beautiful! I walked outside with a giant grin on my face. I could see Revun still looking dazed. I felt wonderful. I looked around. Everybody was staring at me. I laughed just a little when I seen somebody drive a lawn mower into a tent.
I grabbed my things I left in a classroom and jogged down to the Mess Hall. I could somehow tell what time it was. I was just so happy!
I could hear somebody following me. I looked back. I seen Revun, I waved him over to a bench because it wasn't exactly time for lunch.
" Hi.... Mindona..." Said Revun in a dazed voice.
" Haha Hi! "
" What just happened?"
" To tell the truth, I don't know."
" How did it happen?"
" The teacher muttered some words behind me and then poof it happened"
"Are you glad it happened, Mindona?"
" A little bit, I feel loads prettier and feel much happier now."
"You know it won't stay."
"Yeah, but I should be happy with it while I can"
"True, I over heard someting Abby and Abad were saying when you ran out of the classroom.
"What did you hear?"
"I heard them saying something about the Fregwart..."
"The Fregwart is going after you because your a Nevada"
"I do not know what a Nevada is."
" A Nevada is a person that has the power ability that regular people do not have, there is also a name that they call boys if they are like  a Nevada"
"So... If I am a Nevada that means the Fregwart is searching for my power, right?"
"Yeah, it does. I think I got into this with you because so much of your scent of power spreaded on me."
"Oh... I knew I felt guilty for something! I felt guilty for the deaths of our parents. I felt guilty for the Fregwart attacking you. I felt bad for dragging you into this mess!"
"It ain't your fault Mindona!"
"Yes it is. I am all guilty. My scent, my power, even my face! My power may have disguised me, but it didn't disguise my scent!"
"Mindona, everybody can smell your scent, and your right. The disguise didn't cover the scent but its not your fault!"
"Then who's fault is it?"
"Its your parents fault."
"For adopting you."
"I just knew I was adopted!"
"Yah, your disguise, well, is your actual look..."
"Oh? So this ain't my disguise its my real self!"
"Yeah, I don't think I like the real you though."
"Why not?"
"Because.. Well.... Your scent is to strong now....And other reasons..."
"Like what other reasons?"
"Like, I am not used to your voice.... Its sounds like a girly girls voice now...."
"And, I got so used to your old look that I don't think I can recongize you..."
"Are you trying to say you don't wanna be my friend anymore?"
"No...Yeah....No... Yeah.... I can't decide okay!"
"Well..." I said standing up, " Tell me when you find out..." I started walking away to the Mess Hall. That seriously hurt my feelings. Some stuff is better unkown.
I went in and sat down next to Deseray. I did not feel hungry at all today. "Uh... Who are you?" Asked Deseray. 
"Oh..." I completly forgot about the change. " Its me, Mindona. I forgot to mention that I sorta... That I am a Nevada. And my look sorta.... Changed...."
That got everbody's attention at the table. I grinned. Acting cool is the best thing you can do. Well, I heard anyway.
"Are you still in the DD?" Asked Gohanza.
"Of course."
"Thats good! Classes are over and its time for the DD meeting!"
"Oh? I said following everyone outside. I did not know where they where heading towards, but I still followed.
After a couple of minutes we go to a cliff. There wasn't many trees here. I started smelling salt water. Ha! There is a ocean out here!
I joined the group of DD to the edge of the cliff. "Cliff Hanging. You gotta cliff hang for as long as you can. If you can beat one minute and twenty seconds, your in the DD."
Said Gohanza. I nodded. Sounded easy enough. I reached down and somehow managed to hang myself on the cliff. After about thirty seconds the waves started to get big on me. Is anyone controlling the waves or was it on accident. A wave hit me and I gasp. Its freezing cold! About twenty seconds after that  My arms started to get tired. I only need to stay here for thirty more second then I am done, I told myself. About twenty seconds later I was closing my eyes. Then before I knew it, I was wide awake and it seemed so easy to me. I was surprised, is that another one of my unknown powers? That would be amazing. All of the sudden I felt like I could do anything I could or wanted to. Ten seconds later I wasn't tired. Fifty seconds later I was getting tired though and pulled myself up.  " Wow! One minute and forty seconds! You've joined the DareDevils!" Said a girl on the right side of the crowd.
I grinned. Its not everyday when you get to join something like this. " I am beat, I am gonna go back to the tent and take a nap." I said walking away. It took away to get back so I was thinking about family. I remembered my Mom, or my foster Mom. Used to sing me lullabies. How'd it go again? The Stars Are Out Watching You.... Yeah some way like that I entered the camp grounds noticed that the stars were out. That sorta surprised me. Well, time does go faster in magical places eh? I went towards my tent and put on a nightt gown and got into bed.
I was relaxed though. Something was pulling at the end of my mind. I wanted to ignore it so I started singing my Moms lullaby. " The Stars Are Out Watching You.... Making Sure That You Don't Go Blue..... Wishing Good Night Fantasy... Hoping For You To One Day To Be Free.... Everyone Has Their Own Story..... Everyone's Unique.... You Have A Big Life A Head Of Ya.... Under That Small Body.... " I mumbled under my breath... I finally got to dozing off and fell asleep

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