Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chapter Three!!!

After we collected all our school supplies Dalias took us to this place called Fresita's Hotel, and got us a room. Then about two days later came to pick us up around 7:00 AM. He brought something that looked like a vehicle, but not exactly right. It had nineteen wheels on each side, and had 20 antennae, and was this color beetween hot pink and peach. I stared in amazment, outta the things we have seen this week, this is one of the craziest. I hopped in the car after Revun and we were on our way.  I stared out of the window. I found it funny that the windows changed color. I had fun. When the ride came to an end I was anxious and nervous. Going somewhere fulled of new people is creepy. I shuddered at the thought of it.
I looked around at my surroundings. There was a couple of tents, some were like regular tents, some changed color. Why are there tents? Where's the big building that we call school?
This is weird. "Welcome to camp Defense for Wizards and Vampires! " Said Dalias. I was confused at first, but then I noticed it was a camp, and right in the center was a fountain of.... Neptune? Wow, I wonder what culture that God is in, I'll have to look it up. I looked around a bit more. There was a tent about the size of a football field at the far end of the camp.
Thats where Dalias is taking us. I just know it. I think this place will be fun, with the Neptune Fountain and all. We walked into the giant tent and we enter through a hallway. I looked around.
There were statues. Statues of the Roman, I figured out, gods. Let me name some of them, or all. There is Apollo, Bacchus, Bellona, Ceres, Cupid, Diana. And Faunus, Flora, Janus, and Juno. I will not name the rest because there's to many. We walked through the hallway, and I seen some other interesting artifacts and structures, there's one that looks like a real video of the Roman's! I thought this was amazing even though I was raised to believe in God and only God. We entered a office room and I seen a Abassy. An Abassy is a demon with teeth of iron. I almost screamed when I seen it. Its scarier then you think. And the Abassy was talking to a Äbädä. A forest spirit. I was a bit freaked. All of the roman myths are real?
" Hello, Abad and Abby." Said Dalias. I was scared to see the Abassy and the Abada both look our way at the same time. I was so scared and ran to stand behind  Revun.
" Ah... Hello Dalias... You brought us Breakfast? Ah how nice..." Said, the Abassy, Abby I believe. " Ah.... Now Abby, you know better then to eat the children that come to this camp!" Said, I think Abad. Abby came over to me and started picking at my hair, as if looking for something. " Oh please this one? She has so much power within her!" Screeched Abby. Power?
I have much power within me ? That's surprising, I decided to talk up, show I wasn't afraid. " I.... I do have lots of power, I have both a Swatza and a Wand. " I said towards nobody.
Abad dropped the pen that was in his hand and said something weird, it sounded like " Nevada! " Really quick.  Then I think Abby said something like " Nu Nu Nu! A Leviosia! ". I had no idea what they were talking about! " Why don't Revun and Mindona go out in the crowd with the other kids while we discuss this?" Said Dalias, pushing me and Revun out of the door.
I was actually starting to like Abby and Abad. To bad I can't stay and chat, maybe another time. I was the first outside and pointed out a big group of kids by the stage, and other kids kept joining them. I just went that way because it was a crowd. I was half way there when a girl, about 5.9, green hair, and a big wart on her face stopped me.
" Hey new girl, when you enter, you have to see if your as tough as me!" Said the girl.
"Why do I have to do that eh? You just try to act big and tough!" I said straight back as other kids crowded around.
"I wouldn't act so tough if I were you shrimp!"
" I ain't acting tough gall."
" Wanna bet!?!?" She said running towards me with her fist in the air. For some reason everything just slowed down.
I could see the fist coming in slowly towards my face. I knew what to do. I reach my hand out and grabbed her's. The slowness stopped and everyone gasped.
The girl had a set of confusion on her face. And she tried to punch me but I just did a back-flip. I did a kick flip right back at her but somehow she was able to jump over me and I missed.
She got out her Swatza and yelled " Melezakalenatishakalinmakasata!!!!!" And a fast blue flash zoomed out at me and hit me, I jumped but nothing happen.
"What was that?" I asked, she turned a slight shake of pale and took her wand and yelled " Thislivatimalordes! " And it went straight around me and hit a tent.
I grinned, I could use the spells she used on me to use on her, but more powerful. I took out my Swatza and she turned whiter. " Thislivatimalordes! " And it hit her and she started to go to the ground in pain. Everyone was cheering, like saying " Go Mindona go!" Or " New girl you rock the house! ".
I did not like it. Not at all. I stared in horror, I wish I knew how to reverse it! I heard that if you say the spell backwards it will reverse. Lets try.
I raised my Swatza and muttered " Sedrolamitavilsiht! " And she stopped rolling on the ground in pain and took deep breaths. "I.... I am sorry" I said. And started walking away.
" Wait new girl!" I heard the girl scream and run up to me. I stopped walking.
"Yes?" I said nervously.
"I am Deseray, you?"
"I am Mindona."
"You seem like a cool chick Mindona, how will you feel joining me and the daredevils?"
" The daredevils is a club I started, for strong vampires only, you seem like a vampire."
" Actually I am half vampire and half wizard"
"Oh? Then you must be very strong"
"I guess I am, can my friend, Revun join? He is a wizard but he is my friend."
"No, as I said, its only for strong vampires, and wanna be tent-mates?"
"Okay, and sure, we can be tent-mates!" I said.
"Okay! Follow me to our tent!"
I followed her, happy to have a friend. She brought me to our tent and it was a changing color one!
Inside were weapons and clothes and keys and food, also there was armor. I started worrying then at the look of the site of that.
What if she tries to kill me in my sleep? Well, lets worry about that later. We need to get back out to the crowd.
We jogged back to the house, with her telling me about the Daredevils and who all is in it. Once we got there, we heard the rumbling voice of Abad.
" Welcome, Vampires and Wizards! We may have a new Nevada or Leviosia here this year! Please choose your tent-mates and get your luggage! Please make yourself at home!" Abad rumbled in his deep voice. Dalias handed me and Revun our luggage and drove away, I told Revun that we will not be tent-mates. He gave me a sad look that said, ' But I have no friends here! " and walked away. I entered my tent and looked through my luggage. I have some clothes, some knifes and swords.... Wait... Swords? Why would I need swords? I looked through the suitcase some more and found a picture of my family. Family.... I missed my family, even though its only been twenty-five days . I think, I heard underground times goes faster. I started crying again. Thinking about family, my parents, my uncleDrake. Just makes me said. Deseray noticed and came over to see what I was looking at.
" Miss your parents already?"
"Wouldn't you if your parents were killed by this.... this Fregwart that was after you?"
"Oh my gosh! The evil Fregwart is after you!?!?"
"Yeah... It really stinks."
" But then you must be somebody special after all! You must be somebody that will be one of the strongest wizard and vampire ever!"
"I would like that, if the... The Fregwart wasn't going after me..." I said as Deseray walked away. I hunged the picture up.
Good memories are always special ones. I put on my sleeping gown and got to bed. Me and Deseray talked about how the year would be and how fun it will be. Then we dozed off.
I woke up to the nice noise of birds singing and the wind rustling. And the smell of fresh eggs and bacon. I looked over hoping to see Revun, but I saw Deseray. She was reading. I got up and started looking for some clothes to wear. I picked this black silk shirt. I don't know, I felt weird today, and chosed some white shorts.
I looked around Deseray was just choosing clothes, I had them on. Am I seeing things in slow motion or what?
Maybe when some people wake up they are slow, I don't know.
I opened the tent and walked out. I loved the fresh air smell, it reminded me of home.
I did not cry this time. I think I got stronger with controlling my emotion over night, and I was glad. I looked around. I seen Revun, he looked like he's been crying.
I jogged over to him. " Whats the matter? " I asked.
"Nothing! Go away!"
"Well, It don't sound like nothing."
" I just miss my parents okay!?!" Right then I felt so bad for him I gave him a hug for comfort, friends have to feel bad for others.
He pushed me off so I walked away toward where the rest off the kids were going. Towards the smell of food.
I entered the big tent, but it looked different. Instead of the long hallways there was a big room full of pancakes and waffles and eggs. And tables and tables full of tons of kids.
I went up to the counter. There was lots to choose from. From banana's to eggs. From Waffles to pancakes. I chosed an egg and hashbrowns.
I noticed there was some of the kids that watch the fight call me over to the table. Why are they so proud of me winning and Deseray not?
I'd find it humiliating if I were Deseray. I seen Deseray call me over to her table full of pale people. I guess I'd fit right in there I thought.
I walked over to the table and sat down. "Hello, you must be Mindona, the new member of the DareDevils." Said one of the kids there, I could swear he looked like Linea's big brother.
I grinned. I noticed something else you could call the DareDevils. DD. " I think for a short term name we should call DareDevils DD." I said. Everyone else grinned to.
" Step one, daring to speak up to us. Next one we'll do after class." Said the same kid, winking. I looked around and seen Revun. He was surrounded by boys. I think he was hooting over there.
I grinned knowing that he found some good friends. I've been worrying about him for awhile now. I seen him and the other boys start jumping up and down screaming " Woot woot Hoot hoot!" So crazy. I rolled my eyes at him and he seemed to noticed. He started jumping over to me. Here is my hulimation for the day! "Why don't you WOOT WOOT! With me Mindona? HOOT HOOT!" Revun asked. I just rolled my eyes while the others stared at him. " Why not Mindona? WOOT WOOT! It is fun. HOOT HOOT. Please for me??" I looked at the face he was getting and he started to stop jumping and hooting and wooting. " Because I got my own group of friends." I said as if it was that simple. He gave me the puppy face. " Pleaseeeeee" I laughed. When ever he did the puppy face I couldn't help laughing. He just looked so weird! I shook my head though, " Sorry Revun, but I wanna hang out with my friends." I said giving him a hug before he left.
The others just stared at me. " What? " I asked.
" You just let a friend go, you completed step two. "
"Haha on accident?"
" Yeah, wow you must be born a DD."
" Hahaha, people have been acting weird around me like Revun." I said rolling my eyes his way.
They all laughed, I started laugh too. It feels good to fit into a crowd. Even if you just met them. I looked around. Shouldn't there be something to tell you your class shedcule?
" How do we know which classes to go to?" I asked. " Oh, you get to choose, here follow me. Wait, I don't think I introduced myself. I am Gohanza." Said the boy, Gohanza. I followed him.
Oh duh. There was a sign that said. CLASSES THIS WAY. GET YOUR WEAPONS AND MAGICAL ITEMS " Go to your tent and collect all your swords and magical items." Said Gohanza.
I ran as fast as I could and grabbed a bag and stuffed my swords and magical items in there. With one last look at the picture of my family I left the tent. I ran straight back to Gohanza.
" Okay now see that big sign? " He asked pointing to the sign, I nodded. " Go through there and there are more signs that tell us what the class is and about. We changed classes every thirty minutes or so." He said. I jogged down toward the sign and went to where the sign pointed. There were a lot of people here. Like alot! I seen Revun, walking into the sword play for boys and girls 11 and up. I decided to go there too. I really didn't want to but I felt bad for Revun. I enter the area where the class is held and there was 8 boys and 3 girls, including me.
Everyone was getting out a weapon of their choice from their bags. So I took out this golden sword. It was nice and long. I figured I'd go easy on me and don't go short.
" Choose a partner you would like to sword play with! " Said the coach. I looked around Revun was trying to choose a partner. I waved my hand trying to get his attention. He jogged over to me " Sure you wanna be my partner? " He asked, I nodded. " Get into a sword fight position! " Said the coach. I stood in my best defense stance. With my sword sticking out. He blew the whistle to start practicing a and I went beserk. All of the sudden my body went numb and I could see everything in slow motion. From one attack to the other.
Revun tried to attack me in the ribs. I was able to stop the sword with my sword and attack him back. He started laughing at me and how good I was. He tried to get me in my stomach and I did a back flip. Wow. I did not know I was this good at reflexes. The coach blew the whistle. " I am very pround of Mindona and Revun, they never got each other. Which means they will be practicing on fake Fregwarts next practice!" I grinned, I noticed it has been thirty minutes, so I grabbed my stuff. I went outside the arena and looked around, I seen a gymnastics area. I wanna go there this time. I jogged into the arena. Nobody else was there but me and the coach. I was still grinning when I walked in because this course looked hard but I wanna try it.
" Do the course! " Screeched the coach. I put my bags down and went to the begining of the course. Lets see. There was a move wrecking ball and some lava we have to dodge. There was also piles of leaches to jump flip over. I started running, then I jumped on to the wrecking ball. I wasn't even holding on. I wasn't falling. I liked the feeling of the wind on the wrecking ball. I jumped off right in front of lava and fliped over it. I did a couple more flips over the leaches and more lava and landed on a perfect head stand. Grinning I collected my stuff. The coach stared at me in shock. For some reason I knew what she was thinking. Nevada.

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