Friday, January 28, 2011

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When I woke up I was in a good mood. I felt a peice of parchment under my head and looked at it... It said something like this.

Dear Mindona,    
I have a bit of a surprise for you little missy. Want to hear it? You may not.
I'll tell you any way because I love bad news! I took something very valuable.
And made it evil. A valuable friend maybe. You will have to figure who or what.
You know me from the past. In fact you haven't seen me in a while though.
I am the one who killed your fostor parents. Yes, the Fregwart.
The reason is because I want your power. You may already know that.
I have been following you ever since you were eight years old.
I finally made contact with you when you were nine.
Now, you are probably freaked that I figured out where you were.
But I will not attack you quite yet I advise.
The thing or person I have turned evil will recruit members.
Members for my army. And when I attack you will have to fight your friends.
Very dramtic I know. But I like a bit of drama sometimes.
And yet, After all those years. I do not know your real parents.
If you have so much power, more power then a Nevada.
Then how much power do your actual parents have?
Thats the question. I advise you though, to never speak of this note.
Or show it to anybody. Understand? If you do something horrible will happen!
We will hurt your little friend, Revun. Yes, you got him into this mess!
So becareful with what you do. Becareful with what you become.
And don't come after me, let me come after you.

    Your enemy,
            The Fregwart

What a horrible thing to wake up to! I feel so awful! I feel like I am gonna throw up because of this. I moaned. " Whats wrong Mindona? " Asked Deseray.
"I don't think I feel so good...."
"Oh? I'll tell the camp director that you will be absent today then for you."
"Thanks Deseray your a good friend."
"Eh, Its nothing." She said, blushing her cheeks off.
I laid back down. The thing that worried me was a couple of lines.
 I took something and made it evil. A valuable friend maybe. Wasn't that a hint? My valuable friend is Revun. But maybe its Deseray or Gohanza. Maybe Linea or... No.... It can't be.... Adreannah! Maybe even a valuable friend I don't even know about! I started hitting my pillow. It was frustrating. Not knowing. I know I said that sometimes not knowing is a good thing.
But not in a situation like this.  Revun came running in my tent. "Mindona Mindona! The Fregwart was coming after me! It had your wand Mindona! Your wand! Did it try to make any contact with you!?!?!" Revun said running into my tent. "Uh..." I wanted to tell him, but I can't or else... "No, thats very unusual, eh?" I said.
"Well... Yeah it is..." He said sitting on my bed.
"Wait... Have you made up your mind or what!?"
"Yeah, I've made up my mind."
"So? Do you or not?"
"I do wanna be your friend Mindona, its just hard now. You don't understand. I have different friends and they make fun of me for hanging around with girls.
I do not know why though."
"Because they are freaks."
"Hahaha thats very funny Mindona."
"Hahaha your funny to Revun." I said trying to kick him off the bed.
"Hey, why not stop? Its Saturday, how about we go for a nice morning walk?"
"Sure!" I said. "Just get out of the tent so I can get dressed" I said finally kicking him off the bed. "Okays" He said leaving the tent.
I chosed a black tank top and white capris. I found my favorite black flip-flops and brushed my hair into a pony tail.
I walked outside and there was Revun. He signaled to follow him onto a path in the forest. I started walking in there.
I still didn't feel very good so I was clutching my stomach. Something was telling me not to listen to Revun because of the note I got.
I ignored that feeling and ducked into the forest. I grinned I always liked the forest. I had no idea why though.
" Mindona.... Can I ask you something about Deseray?"
"Well... Didn't you have a fight on the first day of school?"
"Yeah we did, she thought it was amazing that I beat her so she allowed me into her group."
"Whats the groups name?"
"DD... Stands for DareDevils"
"Oh... Can I join?"
"She said only vampires aloud."
"Your not a full vampire."
"I guess that just didn't count, huh?"
"Yeah I guess so..."
"I think your thinking about something else but avoiding saying it out loud."
"I am Mindona.... I just don't wanna talk about it...."
"Well, you asked me to come out here for a walk so you might as well talk about it."
"Eh, your right I guess..."
"Heres the thing... Adreannah is acting very weird today. You didn't know she was here huh?"
"No I didn't. I was busy with the DD. And how weird?"
"Well, her eyes are red and every time she laughs it sounds evil... And... And she is hanging out with a group of other kids with red eyes and a unnatural laugh...."
"Yeah I saw that group the other day watching you though..."
"Yeah, I did too. But their victim seemed to be Adreannah and well.... Nera seemed to be talking to her yesterday..."
"Who's Nera?"
"She is a girl in that unnatural group that has black hair and sorta looks like Paige from our old school..."
"Ah.... I am guessing that she wasn't even talking about the group to Adreannah then..."
"She wasn't.... Lets just say I sorta heard their conversation and it was about you and some boy named Gohanza."
"Gohanza is a friend of mine..."
"They were saying that Gohanza is gonna try to hurt you... With your own power...."
"How in the world can he do that?"
"They said the reason why he doesn't let anyone in his tent or has a tent make because he is making something to suck your power out."
I gasped. He was a valuable friend of mine I don't want to lose! I lost him!
"I have a idea" I said turning around to face Revun.
"I am his friend and I bet if I can talk him into it I can get into his tent. Then I can tell you what was inside there and if there is anything unusual."
"Good idea Mindona, lets walk back to see if you can talk him into it!"
We jogged back and broke up. I ran and waved at Revun. I looked around. Gohanza was walking the track so I jogged over to him.
"Hiya Gohanza!" I said as I started walking beside him. He gave a little jump.
"Uh... Hiya Mindona!” He said noticing who I was.
“So... I have been going around in peoples tents and was wondering if I could look in your tent?”
“No!” He said making me jump at the all of the sudden yell.
“Oh... Why such a big voice? I mean I was just asking. Not forcing.”
“No... Not that Mindona! Look!” He said pointing. I gasped. The Fregwart was attacking Revun... I didn’t even speak of the note!
“Revun!!!! NO!! RUN RUN RUN!!!!!” Me and Gohanza screamed as loud as we could and started pulling out our Swatza’s.
I ran like I never ran before. I was so worried. We just  became friends again and now he might disappear from my life. “No Mindona! Its a trap!!!!” Yelled Adreannah.
I ignored her and ran towards the Fregwart. I didn’t know what I was doing. I haven’t learn any spells yet... but then a spell came to me out of the bloom and I skidded to a halt right in front of the Fregwart and drobbed my Swatza. I didn’t know what to do, my movements I did I wasn’t controlling. I pointed my wrist with the weird curvey mark on it and
screamed with all my might;  “Hasellatia Contractis Matalic Copehindtha Finox Gashma Patata Levtalkamonitsatesapotied MINUITEA!” And something amazing happened. I knew I didn’t ruin him for good though. A bright red light came out of my wrist and started wrapping the Fregwart around till he was in a sheet of red, then he disapeared.
Everyone was staring at me in shock, daze, confusion, and amaze. Revun and Gohanzo both were amazed and shocked. Revun got over it quickly and came over to squeeze me to death. He hugs super tight. I grinned. The Fregwarts threat will happen later then I thought. My wrist burned but I ignored it. Abby and Abad came out of the gigiantic tent and looked at me in shock. I could tell this was the most coolest thing ever. And won’t be the last in awhile.
Revun was making it hard to breath so I had to push him off. And all of the sudden I was surround by people asking me questions and how I knew how to do that, and how I knew that spell.
Abby and Abad pulled me away and into the giant tent and I followed. It was back to its hallway and office like place.
“We are gonna ask you a couple of questions Mindona, I will ask you first, then Abby.” Said Abad
“First, how did you know that spell?”
“You mean Hasellatia Contractis Matalic Copehindtha Finox Gashma Patata Levtalkamonitsatesapotied MMinuitea?”
“Yes Mindona...”
“I never heard of it, I wasn’t really controlling myself at all. My body and voice somehow knew what to do...”
“Okay... Have you ever remembered seeing your parents when you were younger?”
“No I do not, I am guessing we gotta find out who they are and see how much power they have?”
“Yes we do Mindona, and one more question from me.... What happened when you first made contact with the Fregwart?”
“I was nine years old and me and my brother, Jack were arguing in my bedroom. I was getting furious with him and objectswere flying everywhere. A object hit the light bulb and we were sucked into darkness. I used to not care about the dark so I just started to lay down on my bed since Jack had no idea where I was. And something cold was on top of me. I started kicking it and it wouldn’t budge. I started screaming and kicking. And Jack found a candle and a light and lit the candle. He seen what was on top of me and ran out to get another light bulb. The thing was all black... With red glowing eyes..... It made me scream harder... and Jack came in with the light bulb and screwed it in and the thing dissapeared...” I answered. I started to get clamy shaking.
That memory just scares me so bad.... " Ah..." Abad said turning to Abby, "Your turn Abby."
Abby turned to me. "Mindona, what is that mark on your wrist?"
"I don't know, I don't even know what shape it is." I said, showing her my wrist. Abby gasped, "Its the shape of the ancient Mintalsa Simbasa. He always chooses a gifted Nevada every 300 centuries!" Abby exclaimed, shaking me. " This can mean great and horrible things! If you are able to beat the Fregwart and keep your powers you could live for 400 centuries!"
I stared. I'll have to go on without Revun if I live for 400 centuries. I wanted to give the Fregwart my powers right there, right then. Abby and Abad seemed to noticed my pain in what Abby had just said and let me leave without another word. I looked up, the sun was just begining to set. I sighed. The days always seem to go faster. I sorta don't feel like going to bed either.
I looked around. Over by the lake was Revun and Gohanza, getting a boat out. I walked over to them. I didn't want to talk but I answered them.
"Hey Mindona, wanna go on a boat ride with us?" Asked Revun.
"Sure..." I mumbled under my breath. They helped me into the boat and got in after me. Gohanza started up the boat.
"What did Abad and Abby want you for?" Asked Revun.
"They wanted to ask me some questions..."
"Like what?"
"Well.... Like how I knew what to do, and what the thing on my wrist is."
"What is it?"
"Its the shape of the ancient Mintalsa Simbasa."
Gohanza gasped, "You mean you were chosened?" He asked.
"Yeah, I guess you can say that, I don't feel so special though with how long I can live..."
"How long Mindona? How long?" Revun started chanting.
"For 400 centuries.... That means I am gonna have to make new friends every 10, 50 years or so. Because they are gonna die of old age anyway..."
"Oh... So, at least I'll know you for my whole life, right?"
"Maybe, I might give the Fregwart my powers now that I know that."
"What!?!? Do not under any circumstaces give the Fregwart your powers!" Piped up Gohanza.
"Why not?"
"Think about what would happen to this world! It would be in ruins if he got a hold of anybody's powers! If you give him your powers think about what we would be. Nothing! We would be dust! The world would come to a end! Just don't give him your powers and stick up to him! You did perfect earlier today! Casting that ancient spell!"
"That spell is ancient?"
"Yes, it hasn't been heard in 50 years. Only the directors and professors remember it! Your special Mindona! You have no idea how special you are!" Revun said.
I stared up at the now dotted sky. The stars are bright tonight. I felt pained. I never had to choose a decision this big before! I sighed.
I heard the bells ring to annouce dinner is ready. Gohanza turned the boat around and parked it at the dock. "I think I wanna sit by myself tonight." I mumbled as I got my food. I went to sit at a empty table that has spray paint all over this. I was trying to figure this out. If I am so special why isn't my life perfect? Why did I have fostor parents? Why do I have this Fregwart thing coming after me and my friend? When will I have to face the Fregwart? These are just a few of my questions, its like a puzzle in my life. When will the time come to fight the Fregwart?
Will I be put on a quest, or will it come to me? Like it said in the note, Don't come to me, I will come to you. Its my life, and my life is hard.
I didn't feel hungry again, this is the second day I haven't eaten lunch or dinner. I wonder if I am eating to much for lunch. Maybe I am just to nervous.
I always had a nervous stomach. And also, another question. Which friend will turn on me? Its the main question, it could be Revun, or Deseray. Most likely it would be Gohanza;
Its hard to know. I checked the clock on the wall. 8:30 PM. Why can't time go faster? It would look weird if I went to bed early. But I am not feeling good at all.
I got up and threw away the left overs ( That would be all the food I had ) and walked to the back of the giant tent.
I heard the office is back there from the other cudents. I made that up because I didn't know weather we were sudents or campers.
"Abad, Abby? Are you guys here?" I called through the office. I looked around, no sign of them. I sighed.
I looked around some more. I seen something glint in the corner of my eye. I turned towards it.
It was a golden peice of parchment. I know I shouldn't read others stuff but I couldn't help it. It said something like this....

Dear Abad and Abby,   
I have a update on the Fregwart, meet me around the southern river.
I believe that Mindona is not the only one who is a Nevada.
I believe Carlos is. If you look at his chin there is a shape of a cloud there.
Rumor is the Mindona did the Hasellatia spell today!
Tell her that I am very proud of her if its true!
Also I heard that her real look came out!
This will put her in more danger, but at least you can figure out who her parents are.
I have a feeling her parents are Ainn Grenside and Aotsmat Pattinose.
They are very good people and are both Nevada's.
They will meet with us at the southern river. Bring Mindona with you please!
                                                 Your bud,
                               Dalias Kluless

I heard the back door slam shut and I thrown that parchment down and ran somewhere about two feet away from it. I was acting like I had a confused face on.
" Ah.. Mindona, just who we were looking for! Can you come with us to the Southern River?" Asked Abby. I felt a shock of joy and guilt. All I could do was nod and smile.
I followed them through two miles of forest and we came to this weird floating object. It looked like a giant tea cup. There was a small door where you can squeeze into.
In the inside there was this lever that looks like it controls the thing. And there were lots of buttons and about six seats. I squeezed through the door and sat down.
Abby sat across from me. I noticed that there was any seat belts. Abad turned on the vehicle and two things that are like seat belts came out and buckled us in our seats.
I said like seat belts because they were snake skin! Ew, right?

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