Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Chapter in my Book!!

After two days of mourning around we woke up with a parchment under our heads. I looked over and Revun was still asleep. I stood up, and walked over to Revun's bed.
When I was fixing to bend over and shake him " BWUAHHHHAAA!!! " He screamed " AguahhhhH!" I screamed back, then we both laughed.
Its been awhile since we laughed. I was glad we did though, get all the sadness out. I grabbed my parchment and opened it up. It said something like this....

Dear Mindona,
I hope I did not wake you
when I gave you this parchment.
Can you come meet me in the same place
as soon as you get this parchment?
            Your friend,
Dalias Kluless

I got up and looked under my bed and chosed a soft purple tank top and some purple jeans. I looked at Revun and he winked, then we raced down stairs.
I got there first, then we walked to the cafeteria and there was Dalias Kluless. He stood up and walked to us. " Hello children, eat first then we shall be on our way... " Dalias Said, pointing to some food on the table. Me and Revun sat down. I was so excited to get out of this boring place that I ate fast, so did Revun. When we finished Revun only had his drink left so he was aloud to bring it. We walked through the bright hallways of the place we were at till we go to a door. Dalias pointed his index fingure at the door and muttered " Sesame Openy " I almost laughed because it sounded so original for a four year old to say that but an old man? Seriously? But I stopped trying not to laugh when the door made this weird clicking noise and opened up. I just walked through after Dalias, and Revun followed, then me and Revun followed behind Dalias. I felt like a little of a joke so I pointed my index fingur at a door and said in a harsh whisper " Sesame Openy " And seriously, ALL the doors on the street opened wide open! I continued like nothing happened but Revun just stared at me in shock, I couldn't help it, I chuckled. It was just so much fun...
I had a weird sensation when it happened too! I loved it! Dalias stopped and Revun ran into him which made me run into him. I stumbled and just about fell but Revun caught me just in time.
He pointed his middle and pinky fingure at a bucket on the ground and was about the mutter something but he stopped. And turned to me, " Why not point
your middle and pinky fingure at the bucket and mutter Linaquse Dimause?" He asked me. I turned towards the bucket and regretted I ever tried the other think... I pointed my middle and index fingure at the bucket and muttered " Linaquse Dimause " In a harsh whisper. And I heard a couple of clicks, then some snaps, and the bucket lifted up and then the ground started to get a big whole to a elder and fit in, even kids my age. " Ladies first..." Dalias said.... I looked down the hole, I figured I'd jump in, so I did and I landed on a cobbled ground and there was a lot of people there and they acted like they didn't even noticed, but before I knew it, Revun was on top of me. I pushed him off and moved away before Dalias could land on the both of us. Revun followed me and hid behind me... But has soon as Dalias came down he grabbed me on the waist and thrown me up and caught me, I was didn't scream at all through, I guess my scream is out now...
He put me back on the ground a bit disappointed because of no scream and we followed Dalias again. He opened a door and walked in.. " Hello Mr. Frintzlots, we got two new children to buy a wand or a Swatza..." Dalias said when he entered. The man we seen was a young man, in his twenties I suppose. On my opinion he was cute... " Hello children and what are your names and age?" The man, Mr. Frintzlots, said. " I am Mindona, and this is Revun. We are both eleven years old and we are here because we need supplies for Defense for Wizards and Vampires school." I said calmly. He smiled at me and Revun " Mindona, I will get you a wand or a Swatza." I was wondering what that was but, as I do with everything, I got curious. He signaled for me to stand on this weird looking thing. It had two knobs with antennae, and the machine had a little door for somebody to step in. I did not wanna go in that machine, but I did anyway. I heard Mr. Frintzlots push some buttons and twisted some knobs. Then all of a sudden I got pushed down and the machine was doing something, scanning me I believe. I had to shut my eyes that the light was to bright., but after a few more minutes it all stopped and I was able to sit up again. Mr. Frintzlots open the door and helped me out. He got some photo's out of this pocket in the machine and went in a dark room to study the photo's. When he came out of the dark room he had a sheet with him. He handed the sheet to Dalias, and came over to me. " Mindona, your results are read with much difficultly and I am much surprised that your the first to be half vampire and half wizard!" He exclaimed. I was surprised. I did not think that could happen. Why can't I be the normal one? Or is that to much to ask? Revun went next but I wasn't paying much attention to him. Thinking about being normal reminded me of my family.
Are they still out there somewhere? Or did the Fregwart actually get them? Did they get my whole family? Or just my parents?
Thinking about my parents was the last straw, I started crying. Suck it up Mindona, you aren't a baby. Calm down. I can cry in bed, calm down Mindona.
I said, trying to calm myself down. Its so embaressing when you cry in public, everyone crowds around you and wants to know whats the matter. Thats why I am trying to stop. For incase that happens. I know it means people feel bad for you but still, its embaressing.
I looked out the window. I can see somebody that looks familer, isn't that the bronze hair of my.... Oh my God! My sister! She is alive! "Adreannah!!" I screamed of happiness and ran right outside and hugged her. " Oh my.... Hi Mindona!" She said once she figured out it was me. I started crying with tears of happiness. Soon the rest of my siblings came over and we had a bit of
a group hug. I was so happy! I am glad I got reunited with my siblings. I am really glad I got reunited with Adreannah, she is the best of the rest of my siblings. Revun came over and gave me a hug too, might as well invite him into the family right? " Mindona..." Revun said " I am a wizard! I am excited! I get a wand! They are trying to figure out what you get!" Revun sounded so full of happiness. I was happy for him so I gave him a great big hug. You know, the way family hugs to congradulate other family.  Dalias waved me into the door, all of the sudden I entered a quiet room. " Mindona, we have decided to give you both a wand and a Swatza. " Dalias said, handing me a thing that looked like a stick, must be the wand. And something that was silver, it looked like a pretzel, I could feel power in it though. It wished to be used as soon as it can. But something told me not to use it now.
I seen Revun using his new wand, it had blue sparkles. I waved my wand around a couple of times. The sparkles were purple.
Great! My favorite color! I started waving the Lightfrintz around. Blue and  purple sparkles! I am gonna like these weird objects.
I stared at my family. They all had wands. I had a wand a lightfrintz. I didn't care though! This will be so much fun!
I started to run back to my family and my friends. But I ran into somebody. The ' somebody ' fell on top of me.
" I am so sorry! " I heard a girl say in a sing song voice. She got off of me and helped me up. " I am Linea, you?" The girl, Linea, asked
"I am Mindona." I said walking away. I did not want to talk to a girl with a sing song voice. Sing song voices give me terrible head aches.
As I walked away the girl slumped down and walked away very slowly, I started to feel bad for her so I walked back.
" Sorry about that, I was just not paying attention to what I was doing." I said shyly.
"Oh? So you will talk to me?
I closed my eyes slightly then opened them back up, " Yes I will talk to you Linea."
" Great! So, are you going to Defense for Wizards and Vampires?"
"Yeah, I am. I am a half-blood, a wizard and vampire." I said blushing.
" Sweet! I am a vampire! I wanna grow up and be a vampiress!"
Revun started calling me " Gotta go! " I said and ran away to Revun. Revun signaled to follow Dalias again, so I did. We walked around for awhile, till we came to another shop and Dalias entered.
I entered and got filled up with the rich smell of strawberries and chocolate. I took a deep breath. I love this place. It just smelled so good and was full of books and big black bowls.
Wait. Big black bowls? Hmm. Wonder why. Do they eat children stew or something? Hahaha I crack myself up. I also noticed that there was a lot of noise. I wondered why. I looked around.
Aha! This is an animal, a potions, and a perfume store! The perfume and the potion might hurt the animals bad, so they may be in the other room. So thats why I can't see animals, but can hear them. Dalias went forward and spoked in a language that we do not know, it sounded itallian. But what do I know? We walked through a room and all of the sudden I got hit.
Hit with the strong smell of animals. That might be the reason they are in the other room. Me and Revun had a bit of a coughing fit but we were able to control it.
"Choose an animal you like best children" Said Dalias. I went over to where some mice were. I always thought mice were adorable. These mice were either pitch black or snow white. If this were a magical place then why isn't there a purple mouse? I went over to the cats. Second best animal there is, eh? And I seen a purple and orange cat! I loved it at site, and it seemed to love me to! So I picked that one out and named him Klachier. The rest of the day was pretty boring, so I am not gonna tell you about that.


  1. A great start to your book with these 2 chapters. Keep up the creative flow!

  2. It just keeps getting interesting-er and interesting-er. Nona's proud of you, baby girl.

  3. Abba, you're a great writer with a creative imagination. What a great start to your story. Write every day and pursue your dreams!


    Leslie Tentler

  4. Thanks Y'all! Glad your liking the book so far!